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St. Joseph's Senior Living

72,715 sq. ft. to be re-designed in a 100-year old building to be adaptively-reused for seniors. Designated as a local landmark, the old St. Joseph's Home for the Aged building has been nominated for the National Register of Historic Places, complying with historic preservation standards from both the State Historic Preservation Office and the National Park Service. It offers 84 apartment units for Senior Living. On-site amenities include a spacious community room on the ground floor facing a courtyard community garden and sunny lobby areas with seating. One wing of the ground floor contains approximately 3,200 square feet of commercial space that is intended for tenants who will support the senior population, such as health-care providers and a pharmacy.


Oakland, CA


Roberts Obayashi


2014 Gold Nugget Grand Award Winner for Best Affordable Housing Project


1.8 million


Project Management
Maintenance and Operations
Energy Analysis
Technology Evaluations


Assisted Living / Senior Housing
High Density Residential
Tenant Improvements